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Posted by John K. on

Item: Clazzio Seat Cover / Toyota 4Runner

Once installed, the seat covers look amazing. They fit perfectly in every area other than the rear arm rest, and the gray (as opposed to "light gray") matches the 4Runner interior very well. That being said, I personally found this to be a very difficult installation though YMMV. By trade I'm an aviation mechanic so I am mechanically inclined. I took all the seats out. Nobody says you have to do this, but I would be very interested to know how tight you can pull the straps/ ties that go underneath the seat, from one side to the other - both on the front seats, and in the rear. They come with instructions, and between the printed ones and watching youtube videos, there are no real surprises overall. It's the shear amount of pulling, tugging, turning inside out, and smoothing that you have to do that will take a toll. Again, if you don't want it to look perfect, you won't find it that difficult. For the 4Runner (2006), the back seat-back was the most difficult part. It was tough to make the arm rest area look good. It was slightly unparallel with the rest of the seat lines.

Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone, I would just caution them that if they think they are getting it done with ease, that they MIGHT be in for a surprise.

One negative: the holes that surround the plastic headrest receptacles are purposely tight fitting so that you can't see a seam around that area. I followed the directions perfectly (printed and video) and I would say on half or more of those holes (for a total of all 5 headrests) the leather (might be a PVC area - not sure) ripped. You can barely see the rips, but they do extend out past the edge of the plastic. Hopefully they don't get bigger with time.